Wobble Conveyor Prototype

Relevant Codes and Standards

Materials and Components

4’x8’ sheets of MDF

Project Brief:

Find a solution to a challenging materials handling problem, which required lumps of process material to be separated from the dust that forms the majority of the process stream. I/O Design identified a wobble conveyor as a likely candidate to reliably separate the lumps from the dust.


The existing equipment used was not capable of consistently removing the lumps which would become caught in the screening equipment causing it to block. This was leading to both process problems and fugitive dust emissions.

Any replacement equipment needed to be located in a restricted design envelope between existing equipment, and needed to connect to existing screw conveyors and chutes.

The client needed reassurance that any design being considered would work as intended, so as to avoid potential future costly shutdowns.


To prove the feasibility to our client we utilized the MIDAS facility in Trail, BC to build a full size prototype from wood. We were able to upload DXF files created in our office during the 3D design process into MIDAS’s Shopbot CNC Router. This allowed us to cut irregular shapes from 4’x8’ sheets of MDF, which were then assembled into a prototype. The prototype was then tested and refined for approximately 10% of the cost of building the actual equipment from steel. Finally, a live demonstration of the wobble conveyor was provided to our client. The demonstration and explanation of how the actual equipment operates provided the client the reassurance required to proceed with the building of the actual equipment.