Walking Beam Conveyor

Relevant Codes and Standards

CSA Approved

Z432.04 – Safe Guarding of Machinery

Materials and Components

Precision liner bearings

PLC Controlled

Integrated Hydraulic System

Project Brief:

The Walking Beam Conveyor is an automated walking beam that progressively moves 25 cathodes into place for pickup by an overhead lifting device on a crane. The spacing must be consistent and repeatable.


  • Spacing between cathodes must be even
  • Automated with very little operator intervention
  • Reliability and life expectancy 24 / 7
  • Had to line up with existing input and removal equipment
  • Improve speed of throughput
  • Easy to maintain/ simple design
  • Original conveyor was chain driven and required operator to manually align bars
  • Process needed to eliminate jamming at all stages


The preliminary design required accurate field measurements and 3D modelling to ensure the new equipment would fit with the surrounding pieces. A comb design was utilized to ensure spacing was consistent every time the process ran. The internal comb was mounted on a THK rail and used a single cylinder to move vertical and a single cylinder to move horizontal. The design allowed all wear items to be easily accessed for maintenance and repair. Very little operator intervention was required to run the process and efficiency was improved dramatically

I/O Design’s licenced trades were on site during installation, completing inspections and assisting in a smooth start-up of the process.