Pulp Machine Roll Cart

Relevant Codes & Standards

Materials and Components

G40.21 Structural Steel Shapes

A36 Structural Steel Plates

UHMW Polyethylene  bearing plates

Compact electric powered hydraulic pump and actuator

Synthetic web slings

Project Brief:

Safely transport pulp machine rolls for maintenance purposes within a  pulp mill facility.


  • Large variation in roll length (216” max), diameter (44” max), weight (43,000 lb max) and construction.
  • Restricted route of travel within tight areas required high maneuverability.
  • Stability of cart is critical to operator safety and integrity of vital mill equipment.
  • Ease of use and flexibility is key to operator acceptance.


The design process starting by gathering a complete list of the various pulp machine rolls that needed to be transported. This included the overall length and diameter of the shell, weight of the assembly, and drawings showing the assembly configuration. With input provided by a pulp machine roll supplier I/O identified the ideal support configuration for all applications.

A wide and low structural steel chassis was designed to efficiently transfer the weight of the rolls through the front and rear wheel assemblies to the ground while maximizing stability and safety. UHMW PE bearing plates were used to provide a low friction, low service pivot point for both front and rear wheel steering assemblies.

Excellent cart maneuverability was achieved by implementing independently controlled front and rear steering mechanisms. The front wheels are steered via a drawbar and custom forklift attachment that allows the primary operator to push/pull the cart while controlling the steering. A separate remotely controlled hydraulic pump and actuator can be operated by a second operator to guide the rear wheels around tight corners.