Equipment Access Walkway

Relevant Codes and Standards

WorkSafe BC Part 13 Division 3 – Work Platforms

WorkSafe BC Part 4 – Work Area Guards and Handrails

Materials and Components

G40.21 Structural Steel

A36 Structural Steel

Project Brief

When covers are removed from the top of the generators, there was no safe access to the rotor and flexlinks. I/O Design engineered two removable platforms that could be lifted into place by an overhead crane.


  • When not in use, the platforms need to be stored and take up as little space as possible
  • Must have method of ensuring they cannot inadvertently slide off the structural support steel
  • Ground tabs required
  • Lift points required for a four legged sling


The existing support steel and covers were located using a combination of 3D scan data and tape measurements. Autodesk Inventor was then used to design two removable access platforms. A variance in platform width allowed one platform to be nested in the other to reduce the required storage space. To ensure accurate location, the two platforms hooked together. Pins were incorporated into the design to limit the movement of the platforms on the support steel.