Dual Crane Spreader Beam

Relevant Codes & Standards

ASME B30.20 Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Materials and Components

G40.21 Gr. 44W Structural Channel

A516 Gr. 70 Pressure Vessel Plate

Project Brief:

Lift and maneuver a lead pot using two overhead bridge cranes in tandem. Lead pot must be tilted and rotated during installation/removal.


  • Minimum distance between cranes sets the length of beam and positions the pot lift points.
  • Weight of lift beam must be minimized to allow for a reasonable buildup of lead remaining in pot to be safely lifted.
  • Weight of lead pot (20,200 lb) must be distributed between both cranes to avoid exceeding 7.5 Ton crane capacities during lifting, tilting, and rotating operations.
  • Pot hood must also be removed using same lifting beam, extremely low headroom available for remotely engaging with hood and maneuvering during lift.


Field measurements of the minimum crane distances along with a review of the existing lead pot installation drawings aided in developing a conceptual arrangement of the lead pot and hood lift points that allowed for the necessary maneuvering to be safely achieved.

I/O optimized the lift beam construction to achieve the strength required based on the position of the loads while minimizing the weight of the fabricated lifter. This was achieved by selecting a structural steel channel size and joining it together to form a rectangular box-section.

A set of custom hooks were designed to be fabricated from plate steel to achieve a low headroom engagement mechanism for lifting the pot hood without requiring a worker to attach rigging while exposed to a potential fall hazard.